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Love Your Pet Unconditionally

Dogs don't come with an instruction manual and every dog has their own unique behaviors and personalities.  Our dog behaviorist gets to know and understand your dog's unique personality and individual ability to learn and communicate.  Using a variety of dog training techniques, behavioral training, and pack training, we help you and your pet companion establish a deep bond of communication and understanding.  Thereby making training with your dog a fun learning and bonding experience for both of you.
Tips From The Experts

Training keeps you and your dog safe from serious harm and maintains a happy living balance in your household. Those who have a dog without being able to understand or communicate with them, will often out of frustration act out with abuse, abandonment or neglect towards the dog. Therefore dog training is not only just for the dog, but also for people hoping to achieve mutual communication, understanding, and a strong bond with their pet companions. Training challenges your pet's abilities and stimulates their mind as well as allow you to find the joy in teaching with patience.

Choosing The Right Trainer

How do you choose a trainer or know which training methods are best for your pet companion? Research...research...research and check with your Humane Society.  Most have good introductory programs for the novice dog and dog person.  Ask to view a class before signing up and watch how the dogs react to the trainer. Do the dogs in training look confused and frightened or respond quickly and happily and having fun interacting. 


A Trainer/Behaviorist must...

  1. Have knowledge and understanding of the different breeds of dogs and their different types of inherant behaviors

  2. Understand the unique personality of your dog, in order to be able to communicate with him/her effectively.

  3. Understanding your lifestyle and how you want your pet companion to fit into it.

  4. Know how to achieve all the desired behavior and results in a short amount of time but more importantly in a manner that is engaging, challenging, and fun for your pet companion and ultimately brings you closer together with them.

  5. Will stand behind their work and guarantee results.

Health & Happiness

No dog will display 100% correct or good behavior all the time.  Behaviors are learned, instinctual, and never forgotten therefore don't expect that your pet companion will always display perfect behaviors all the time. Just like people under challenging circumstances, situations, or environments, a bad behavior can slip out unexpectedly. It doesn't mean your dog was not fully trained or that you failed because your pet companion wasn't listening to you. 

The purpose of training and education is to reduce the unwanted behaviors to an acceptable social and moral level of living between dogs and people.

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