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Our About Us Katy & Glenn McTaggart
Katy & Glenn

About Us

Have a combined experience of over 50 years training dogs and have raised their own dogs most of their own lives.
Katy has grown up with dogs surrounding her, Boxers Rottweilers, and Labradors. She is a Therapy Dog Handler and has been with the St. Johns Ambulance Therapy Dogs, Abbotsford/Mission Branch since 2017 and volunteers with two of our dogs currently. Katy's ability to communicate with dogs has allowed her to help many people understand their own dog's behaviors and personalities, to best connect with them, for a greater bonding experience.
Glenn has had Jack Russell Terriers, mixed Terriers, German Shepherds and Pitbulls.  
He created "The Love of Dogs" from 2009-2021 while he was living in Marin County, California.
Glenn's experience while working as a Dog Behaviorist, working with 30-35 dogs at a time, teaching them socialization and other desired behaviors has been magnified by his realization of how much each and every dog has taught him. 
Together Katy and Glenn bring The Love of Dogs to support their community of Mission, BC, and surrounding area and the people who want their dogs to enjoy the best life we can give them.
Our Daycare, Overnight Boarding and Pack Training Services, on our 4.5 acre hobby farm, offers your dogs a secure area to play, exercise and socialize together. Your dogs stay in our home like they live in yours, that's...


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