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Dog Training Services

My Goal, is to offer the safest, educational, physical program for you and your dogs, creating deeper bonds of communication, so that you can feel confident about their behavior on or off leash without worry or fear for their safety.

I achieve these goals through;

  1. Socializing dogs of all sizes and breeds with the aid of an established pack of well mannered dogs.

  2. Behavioral Training, adopting, and adapting different training techniques to fit the individual dogs needs,  adding to the "pack dynamic".

  3. Education; the dog's learned knowledge from our Pack or Individual Training Sessions is applied to their everyday living at home with their family and neighbors, for a happier, longer life.

  • Individual Training Sessions (Currently Available)...we come to your home and work with you and your dog from puppy training to behavioral training for as long as you need us. ($50.00 per hour)

  • Classes and Seminars (Dates to be Announced)...for a group of six persons and dogs consisting of five training days, over a five week period. Usually on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • Pack Training Sessions (Dates to be Announced)...for an unlimited group persons and dogs who have completed the five week classes. This training offers advanced reinforcement Training, Exercise, and Socialization, where the dogs not only learn from us but from each other as a group.

An initial Assessment ($25.00) will be done with You and your Dog prior to any training classes so you can get to know the trainer and we can determine your training needs, plus some pre-bonding with your dog and useful tips.

Training will consist of the Basics (Sit, Stay, Down, Heel and Recall, on and off leash) and Behavioral Training for issues requiring your dog's best behaviors and socialization with others. We try to avoid giving dogs, "commands" and use sentences with Please and Thank You's as politeness goes a long way with communicating effectively with your  dogs. We also teach you hand signals to assist with non verbal communication between you and your dog. We don't use clickers, or treats to reward behavior, just lots of love, praise and a good neck rubbing. The goal is to have a Happy Dog that is connected to you and you can take anywhere without worry.

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Look Mom/Dad, No Leashes

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