Location, and Facility we provide a Safe and Off Leash Environment where "Social Distancing" is just a human phrase. It's a Private Dog Park for Public Dogs; to Exercise, Socialize, Learn Many Things, and Have Fun all in one place. 

Our facility - Fenced, Grass and Sand surfaces, Sand Pit, Unlimited Fresh Drinking Water, Shelter and Tree Shaded Areas, Agility Equipment for Exercise and Learning, Dunk Pool for Hot Days...


Pick up and Drop Off - we come to your home or office with one of our Dog Vans to pick up your dog and take them to our facility, in Cotati, for the day, and return them to you at the end of the day, exercised, tired, and happy.

Pack Socialization, Exercise, and Training your dog is placed in a well behaved, and established pack where they learn from the other dogs under the guidence of a dog behaviorist. Dog's are taught how to socialize, play, and learn together by engaging them in group and individual activities.


Pet Sitting We are not a kennel nor a boarding facility, so you won't see dog's sleeping in pen's or outdoor crates. "We Pet Sit", in other words your dog lives in my home the same way they live in your home. With Love and Care, 24/7.  As part of our Pet Sitting Service, your dog automatically joins the daily Pack Socialization and Exercise group.