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Unique Personality Style
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Day Care / Overnight Care /
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At   The Love of Dogs  , we understand the overwhelming love you have for your dog, coupled with the frustration when your beloved pet struggles to comprehend even the simplest commands. We're here to help with your dog care needs from Daycare, Training and Overnight Boarding. Our goal is to help you keep your dogs happy, healthy and well socialized, so they have the best life possible and you never have to worry about them.

They Live in our Home like they Stay in Yours NO Outside Kennels and they're Never left alone...
thats "
The Love of Dogs."

Want us to look after your dog(s)?
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PRICES (does not include GST)

Day Care

8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Rather than leave your dogs alone at home or in the backyard all day, drop off your dog(s) on your way to work, to run off leash in our securely fenced area with their dog friends.

  • Dogs are always supervised by our professional dog behaviourists and are never left alone.

  • Dogs learn how to socialize and play together as well as learning other
    behaviours through our Pack Training techniques.

  • Pick up your happy, tired and well behaved dog(s) on your way home.


Overnight Boarding

  • Going away on Vacation for a weekend or weeks and can't take your dog(s) with you? Drop them off with us so they have a Holiday too!

  • They Live in our Home like they Stay in Yours.

  • Bring their dog food and if desired their own bed or crate (if crate trained). We have dog beds and they're welcome to sleep where they are comfortable.

  • We have no outside kennels.

  • Your dogs are part of your Family and they are Family to Us too.


24 Hours with before 2:00 p.m. pick up. (Additional Day Fee may be charged if later, although we understand unavoidable delays can happen and we always do our best to accommodate.)

Pack Training & Socialization

INCLUDED with Daycare and Overnight Boarding

  • Dogs learn from each other and with the guidance of our dog behaviourists, only learn the best behaviours and social skills.

  • While your dog(s) are with us for Daycare or Overnight Boarding they will always be in training.

  • The result is having a dog that you can better communicate with and take anywhere without fear.


Daycare 2nd Dog
Same Family


Overnight Boarding 2nd Dog
Same Family


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