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What makes Glenn's style unique is his gift to immediately connect with any dog using behavioral training techniques handed down by his family. Every dog has their own unique personality and characteristics that make them individuals amongst themselves. So dogs are not all the same when it comes to communication and understanding but there is one universal language that we both understand, "Love". That common ground is what made dog, "Man's (people's) Best Friend", Family Member, Work Partner, and Confident. 

How Glenn Learned "Dog Talk"

Originally from Canada, Glenn first discovered his love of animals growing up around his father, the local "horse whisperer", an uncle who talked to dogs in sentences, like you do with people, and his grandfather, a local dog catcher as they were called in his day. This family exposure began teaching Glenn the importance of how compassion and understanding develops a strong bond of trust and communication between animal and man. Having these role models as guides to hone his intuition, Glenn's ability to listen and understand communication styles grew steadily with animals of all kinds. As Glenn developed into a young man, so did his interest in working patiently and lovingly with dogs. 
Eventually Glenn continued his training and became an expert in canine pyschology and behaviors. He began to understand the subtle differences in body language thats common between dogs and people, and learned how to use this unspoken language to talk with dogs on a deeper bonding level. Glenn's technique has been very successful to easily empathize and communicate with dogs. 

Putting It All Together

Before The Love of Dogs became an idea, Glenn proudly served as Police Officer for eighteen years with the Calgary, Alberta police service. He trained and worked alongside the canine service and learned a variety of different training techniques to recognize quality behaviors in dogs. 
Glenn discovered that while in law enforcement it was also important to enhance his gentle approaches when working with humanity. Upon retiring he pursued a successful ten year career as a massage therapist, allowing Glenn to develop the healer in him for both people and dogs. Massage training gave him more insight and ways to easily communicate with dogs through the added gift of "touch communication".
Eventually Glenn moved to sunny California and for 12 years decided to help people and dogs co-exist in a loving, healthy manner, free of conflicts and stress. Glenn set forth to build a reputation on providing the best care and most reliable services available. Whether it's exercise and socialization, to behavioral or pack training, no detail is overlooked when it comes to having a healthy well balanced pet companion.
Harnessed with the rare knowledge of dog speak, Glenn's skills of communication and understanding have been adopted by some of the more well known trainers and behaviorists today. Glenn uses his knowledge and techniques to make learning an enjoyable challenge and a happy reward for any dog, or dog person. 

Glenn also had started a second business in California called "Reel Dog Agency" where the dogs he had trained were featured in Commercials and Print Ads but his main focus was "The Love of Dogs".
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